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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Twilight Saga Update

I know I have been slacking on this page but I will keep up on it...A lot is going on...rumors are flying about Breaking Dawn and Filming of Eclipse is coming to an end!

So here is everything that is important in the Twilight world...

Rob, Kristen, Taylor and Chris will be in Munich on Noveember 14th.  of course this will be to promote New Moon since it is scheduled only 6 days before the movie comes out. 
Peter Facinelli will be at the Arizona State Fair this Sunday, October 25th. signing autographs and promoting New Moon.  All you have to do it pay to get into the fair and then hop in line to get his autograph...he will only be there from 11am- 2pm.  so get there early people. 
Rumor's that Breaking Dawn will not be filmed in Vancouver have basically been confirmed by them tearing down the Swan house set and telling the crews that were working on New Moon and Eclipse that they could find new jobs after Eclipse raps.  Well I guess it means it will be filmed in Portland, Oregon.  The same place Twilight was filmed...Another rumor is that Chris Weitz (director of New Moon) could take the helm on Breaking Dawn.  Nothing has been offered to him but How cool would that be?  He is awesome.
The humans have been in Vancouver over the last few days. David Tweeted that there was to be a party today.  and then CSerratos tweeted that she wrapped the show.  So I am assuming the party scene is done and they are just about finished filming for Eclipse...How darn exciting! I personally can not wait for Eclipse it is my fav book. 
Access Hollywood showed an exclusive TV spot of New Moon.  I am not sure but I believe it has been taken down due to Summit...there are also many videos on YouTube of new scenes that were released today at the Rome Film Festival.  many were taken down by Summit but you might be about to see them if you go to YouTube and search New Moon...I am not going to post them until Summit says it is ok for them to be released...I don't want to be getting into trouble.  One of the scenes was an extended 5 minute of the breakup scene with Bella and Edward...if you can find it DO it is amazing...So excited for New Moon!  There is also a New Moon Exclusive Behind the Scenes on Youtube...check them out if they are still there...It just makes me more anxious for New Moon to be out! 
There is one you can see it is from Itunes and it is on YouTube...The wolves are the stars there..Bella slaps Paul and then he goes all wolf on her, then here comes Jacob to save the day. Do you remember this form the book?  I remember it a little different but we will see what it is totally when the movie is out in just 27 days!  Well that is about it...not much else...New Moon is right around the corner.  and we will soon be seeing our fav vamps and wolves on talk shows and such promoting New Moon...like it needs to be promoted but hey we will not complain!  Have a great one peeps and I promise I will post at least everyother day...Good Night!

A few photos for your viewing pleasure

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  1. LOVE the clip when Bella slaps Paul, it gave me goosebummps!!! Thanks for the Update Mama :o) Love You!!!!