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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Peter Facinelli!

Alright Peter Facinelli was in Henderson, NV at the Galleria mall.  and I was there...it was totally awesome..I waited in line from 10:15am until I got my pic with him at 2:00pm.  it was a amazing time though...I meet awesome new Twilight fans and had an experience that will last a lifetime...Here is what happend on Sunday October 11, 2009.

Went to Vegas got to the mall and got inline at 10:15 am.  paid for my pic and then got told to wait in aother line for him to get there...Peter was there and came out a little after noon...OMG he walked right past us, and yes I have a picture.  He brought his oldest daughter along.  She is a very normal teen.  He told us about Alex's Lemonade Stand and thanked us all for coming out...then it was time to wait for our turn in line...we heard these girls screaming I Love you Peter and he would look in their direction and wave.  that did it now everyone is screaming!  It was soooo loud.  we got moving a watched him sign and take pics with everyone...I was about 200th in line.  This part pissed me off...These boys walked by and were all Gay Peter and the lady I meet, Mary yelled, "You Jerk! You better keep walking, you are just jealous that all these girls aren't lined up to see you!"  she was super fun!  we finally got up to him and I walked on stage...he was signing a picture of this little girl pretending to bite him.  super cute.  Then it was my turn.  He took my hand and said hi. 
"Hello, are you enjoying your day in Vegas?" -Me
"Sure nothing like meeting all the fans and making money for a good charity."-Peter
"Thank you again for taking the time to come out today."-Me
"I love it. You fans are awesome."-Peter
"Thanks so much for the picture. Could I have a hug?"-me
"Of course."-Peter
while hugging "My best friend Angee wanted me to say hi to you, she couldn't be here today."-Me
"Well tell her hi back for me." -Peter

Then I was off stage and all star struck!  but I did it and was very polite and loved every minute of it...FYI he smells AMAZING!  His muscles are nice and firm and he is so darn handsome in person!  OMG I loved this experience! It was almost like hugging a rock he was so firm.  Totally Vampire!  So that is my experience with Peter Facinelli.  I was on stage maybe 2-3 minutes but it was THE BEST 2-3 MINUTES OF MY LIFE!  

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  1. OMG I wasn't even there and I am Starstruck, he told you to tell Me Hi ... wOw!!! Thanks so Much Mama, that made my YEAR!!!!!