I love everything about my life...the good and bad times...this page is for me to express myself through my emotions and thoughts...Also to show things that I like and am interested in...I am a mother or 2 wonderful boys and 1 Fantastic Girl...Married life is hard but it is worth all the troubles to be with the one you love...Enjoy my posts as I will be expressing myself on these pages.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 2010

Well June is almost over...Tomorrow is the last day of June and we have had a great month...We have had our wonderful little girl home all month and the boys absolutely love her...Tonight I am going to see Twilight: Eclipse...I am so excited...I have been waiting so long for this movie...Well that is about all.  I will post some pics sometime this week.  The Fourth of July is going to be great..the In-laws just got a new pool for their backyard...I am excited to be able to swim in it..  Pics later on.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Men know they are in trouble

So I was very upset with my hubby yesterday...he slept from 430 to 11 pm and then got up and watched some shows on the internet and went back to bed around 1am...just so he could get up at 5 to go to work...well I was mad because we have 3 children...and I take care of them ALL day and would love a little break or some help when he gets home from work....but I got over it and we talked about his sleeping habits...long story short...Today when he got home from work he brought me 2 Twilight posters...He said that he thought I deserved them...It made me very happy...I love it when he thinks of me when he is out and about....
I totally think that Men know that they were in a bunch of trouble the day before and bring gift home to make up for that thing...It is ok but I didn't even tell him I was mad in the first place...I lvoe that guy so darn much...even if he gets on my nerves from time to time...

XOXO  Love you Honey!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Adventures of Breastfeeding...#1

Ok so I am breastfeeding my baby Lydia...and things are going very well...but I have learned that I have something called forceful let-down...This means that my mikl comes down the ducts very fast and can make my baby cough and choke on it...I have had to change a few things about how I am positioning her and how I pump...She has to be more upright and I have to try and not stimilate my breast too much while she she not feeding...This is not working...The milk just produces...I am like a cow...I am loving every minute of it...Yes it is complicated but I am getting the hang of it and Life is easier with out having to mix formula and wash all those darn bottles...I went to the WIC office today to get a breastpump from them and it is a manual one...Kind of strange to me...I am not sure if I like it all that much...The lady told me to just pump inbetween Lydia feeding..so if she nurses every 3 hours then I have to pump every 1.5 hours.  Kind of seems like that will make me have even MORE milk...isn't the idea to get it on a schedule and that way I can freeze some milk for times I am not with her and then I can nurse her when she is with me...which is most of the time...But hey I deserve a break too....And I have no idea how to make it so I can have a Margarita...Cuz I really really want one...I am thinking I will make sure I have plenty of milk in the freezer and then have a drink and pump my breasts for that day after...I just don't know how long the alochol is in the milk..I guess more research is needed...Well anyway the point of this post.  An update...I was getting ready to take a shower and looked into the mirror as I walked past it to get into the shower...And I saw BLUE lines all over my chest....I mean all my veins were very visible and I could trace them if I wanted to...It was CRAZY!  I did not take a picture because that would be weird...But there is nothing like breastfeeding and then seeing crazy veins in your breasts...It kind of freaked me out...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Alright I have not been updating this thing like I should be...but I have been a little busy with a new baby and 2 other children.  Also housework, shopping and just everyday life with children. 

So first off last time I updated I said I was going to be 37 weeks on Sunday and go to the Doctor on Tuesday.  Well I went to the doctor on Tuesday and my heart rate was 140 so my doctor sent me straight to the hospital for some fluids and tests...I ended up staying over night and was contracting slightly all night...but not enough to keep me there...So as the doctor was headed to discharge me I decided to do some squats and running in place.  then relaxed and felt some wetness down there...so I had my favorite Nurse check to see if it was amniotic fluid or just discharge.  And Guess what it was Amniotic fluid so they started the pitocin.
  You don't need to know the rest of the story...so Lydia Gwen was born at 9:18 pm on May 26, 2010...
       weighing 6 lbs 9 oz and measuring 20 inches long.

On to the boys.  Adam is getting super big and enjoying having a little sister.  He is also being a big help with everything.  He helps me with Kyle and helps me clean up the house.  He does pick on Kyle sometimes but that is normal for kids.  so Life with him is going good.

Not sure what this face is about but he was so happy this day.  June 2nd

Kyle is 2 and such a little butt...he is totally in the terrible 2 stage...he wants everything his way and no other way.  He also learned how to climb out of his crib and I decided to have him sleep in his toddler bed but he hates going to sleep in it...he likes the fact that he can get out when ever HE wants...So I am up late with him but I love him.

Bath time is great fun!  Kyle loves to play with this bottle just to pour it on his head...hey anything to get his hair wet.

So that is what is going on in my life...Cleaning, Cooking, and Kids...it is great...it makes me tired but I am dealing with it one day at a time...Well that is it for now...I am hoping to post more often...now and keep people up to date with my life...this is an easy way for everyone to know how things are going in my life.

Love you all!