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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Observation Day #1

On September 22, 2010  I observed in an Elementary school for my Intro to Education class, it was such a great day..

I had to leave my house by 6:30 am to get there by 8:30am Utah time.  As I entered the school I got super nervous, and writting Mrs. Dalton on my name tag was weird, because thinking about being called Mrs. Dalton was super crazy. 

The teacher was not there when I entered the room, but I noticed so much going on in her class room.  I observed in a 2nd grade class.  I counted the desks and there were 22 with names on them.  I was even more scared at this point because there were 22 little kids I was going to be watching all day.  And I would be incharge of them for at least a portion of the day.  AHHH

When class started I introduced myself to the class and then allowed 2 questions...There was one little girl that was so interested in me that she asked me questions all day long.  The class began, I got to walk around and see what they were working on and how they did their morning work...It was very fun to stop and help the ones that asked for it and just see how very smart 2nd graders are. 

The class was always moving, there was always something going on and the day had barely began.  Recess was at 10:30 and I was never so happy for a moment to myself.  I got to eat an apple during recess and then back inside for more centers, and reading groups.  Centers were hard because I had to focus on each group and also the class as a whole.  The teacher I was observing was doing reading groups while centers happened.  After centers it was time to get ready for lunch.  They all washed up and we left for lunch.  I stood in the line with them as the teacher went to the restroom...After they all went through the line I was able to leave the with the cafeteria monitor and go to the teacher's lounge for lunch...I had turkey and stuffing, it was a meal I got in the healthy choice aisle at the store...I also had a pepsi because I needed some cafenine because I was drained and I still had 2.5 hours left. 

After lunch was a movie to calm down and then math time.  The kids were learning how to measure in inches and feet.  It was very fun to help them jump on the rug and measure how far they jumped.  Then more individual work.  This day happened to be Library day for the class so I got to take ALL 22 children to the library by myself...2 lines, one boys one girls.  We walked to the library and the kids entered.  I stayed with them becasue I was not directed otherwise.  The kids got to hear a story from the librarian and then check out books.  After that it was supposed to be recess time at 2:15 but they were having a fire drill..  Man it was a crazy one.  The first of the year so all the kids ran to the fence and the gas was wet so they were slipping and not listening.  In the end it worked out and then the class had their recess. 
After recess it was time for more individual work and I got to help some students edit the journal entries they were working on.  that was very fun, because I got to see how they write and the mistakes that they make are so cute. 

Finally, at 3:10 it was time to get ready to go home.  They cleaned up the room and got stickers on their daily sheets for their behavior, depending on what color their picture was on, on the discipline chart.  It was fun.  Then at 3:30 the bell rang and each row of students were dismissed and It was over.  The teacher filled out my paper and I was on my way home.
Man it was a long and exhausting day but I had so much fun and it helped me realize that I am in the right major, I am so excited to get my degree and begin teaching.  That is my experience in a 2nd grade class...next time it will be in an intermediate school.  We will see how that one goes.