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Monday, July 19, 2010

Adventures at the Dentist #2

Well On Saturday the 17th I took Adam to a pediatric dentist so that we can do something about his 9 cavities....First off I feel like such a shitty mom for not getting them fixed sooner and for not preventing them better in the first place..

Ok so things started out good....Adam was super excited to go and everything was wonderful...

We got there to fill out paperwork and Adam played with the trian set they had and watched cartoon network and was more than happy to be there.

Then it was his turn to go back...that is where shit started..

He didn't want to give up playing with the trains...then he finally got back there and in the chair.  They put the bib thing on him and he was fine...Unfortuately the TV they had in the room was broken so he was dissappointed once again.  about not being able to watch a show...Then the Nurse said that she needed to try to get X-rays..I told her that is where shit hit the fan at the last place...She said we will try..
As soon as she brought out the damn shield thing Adam was done...He first off had a sunburn on his shoulders so the thing hurt and he remembered the things that she was trying to put in his mouth..She didn't even get them near his mouth..she showed him them and that was it...No more happy Adam...he instantly said I NEED THROW UP IN POTTY!
The Lady put everything away after that.
I took him to the bathroom and talked to him about being a big boy and he would get a new tooth brush and a prize..He was happy again...Well then back in the chair...The dentist was doing work on a girl next door and it was going to be 20 minutes before he was done...So they let Adam go back and play while we waited...BAD IDEA!

When it was his turn again He was soooo not in the mood for it...He screamed and yelled...and ran around...I was starting to have a break down...
The Dentist followed Adam and grabbed him...Picked him up and placed him in the chair...I held his feet so he didn't kick the dentist while he looked in Adam's mouth.  Adam was screaming the wholoe time so his mouth was open enough for the Dentist to get a quick look...

After he was done..the Dentist let Adam go back to the waiting room and play while he talked to me..

That is where I broke down...I just started crying and was sooo embarassed by Adam's behavior..I know it is just because of the other guy that made it this way BUT...I felt like I had failed as a parent...SO EMBARASSED.

The Dentist told me that He will have to put Adam to sleep to fix the problems that he has and that is fine..It needs to be done...We will haev to go to Vegas to a surgery center and they will put Adam under to get X-Rays and to crowns on the back teeth..and fillings on the front 2 since they will be ne of the first to fall out...The crowns are necessary because you lose the molars later in life than the front ones.

So I was told to call if I have not heard form them by Thursday to schedule a surgery day....It will be on a Wed...in Vegas at 7am.  Not sure when yet..Think I am going to ask to wait until beginning of September so my mom will be here and we can afford to just stay Tuesday Night in Vegas...
So this is me frustrated and embarassed

What a day...and it was only a little over an hour of my day...AHHHHH!

I will be so glad when this whole experience is over and we can keep Adam's teeth extra clean and teach him that the dentist is not bad if you take care of your teeth..

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Project 365 Update

I added that last 7 days to my Photobucket page if anyone wants to check them out....you can comment on them here if you want to...I am so proud of myself for keeping up with this...I do need to find more things to take pictures of except my children...but I love taking pics of them..it documents their lives...and they will not have a hard time finding a childhoood picture in the future...

So here is the link...Hope you all enjoy it!


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Project 365

Well I added all my profect 365 photos to photobucket...Thanks for the great idea Angee...I wanted a way for you to see them too...

so here they are...I will slowly update descriptions on each one..


Friday, July 9, 2010

Adventures at the Dentist.

Well I had been waiting to take Adam to the dentist..but just couldn't wait anymore...I finally got him an appointment...it was on Monday July 5th... I had to take him to a new dentist because the old one does not our insurance.
I took him in and first thing I noticed was that they didn't have any toys or books in the waiting room...  Strike 1...

Then when they called him back there was a screen in front of the chair and he was VERY excited that he was going to be able to watch TV while there...Then the lady said "Oh no, that is not a TV...Everyone thinks that."  Adam was very upset that there was not going to be a show for him to watch...that is the one thing he liked about the old dentist....There was also not chair for me to sit in...I had to stand in the corner of the room.
Strike 2...

The dentist finally came in and looked at Adam's teeth...He found that he has 9 cavities...that really sucks because I do brush his teeth...but oh well...Then Dentist wanted some X-Rays...It just sounded like a bad idea...So in comes the lady to do the X-Rays...Adam has a very sensitive gag reflex...and the things they put in your month to x-ray were not helping him out..He kept pushing them out with his tongue and crying because he didn't want to do it anymore....after about 7 tries...The lady was kind of rude at this point because Adam would not keep the thing in is mouth...She even yelled at him...Well he told her that he was going to throw up and she said "No, Your not...this is not hard you just have to do what I say."

I told the lady that he really was going to throw up...He knows when he is...he understands his body...She just kept telling me and him that he was fine and HAD to do this X-Ray...I finally got very upset and said "Look he is going to throw up so you better move and let him up or you will have vomit on you and the chair."  She finally listened to me and moved...Adam went straight to the sink and threw up...The lady was like I guess you were right and We are not going to get these X-Rays...

Strike 3...

The dentist came back in and told me that he can not see Adam because he is uncooperative...
So he gave me the number to a pediatric Dentist here in town that takes my insurance...so Adam has an appointment there on the 17th...We will see how that one goes...

An uncooperative kid...well what the hell to that expect?  He is 4 and there was no entertainment and they are trying to shove things in his mouth that are uncomfortable...What ever...I am so glad that we have another option and can take him to a dentist that will be able to understand that he is a kid and new to dentists.