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Friday, July 9, 2010

Adventures at the Dentist.

Well I had been waiting to take Adam to the dentist..but just couldn't wait anymore...I finally got him an appointment...it was on Monday July 5th... I had to take him to a new dentist because the old one does not our insurance.
I took him in and first thing I noticed was that they didn't have any toys or books in the waiting room...  Strike 1...

Then when they called him back there was a screen in front of the chair and he was VERY excited that he was going to be able to watch TV while there...Then the lady said "Oh no, that is not a TV...Everyone thinks that."  Adam was very upset that there was not going to be a show for him to watch...that is the one thing he liked about the old dentist....There was also not chair for me to sit in...I had to stand in the corner of the room.
Strike 2...

The dentist finally came in and looked at Adam's teeth...He found that he has 9 cavities...that really sucks because I do brush his teeth...but oh well...Then Dentist wanted some X-Rays...It just sounded like a bad idea...So in comes the lady to do the X-Rays...Adam has a very sensitive gag reflex...and the things they put in your month to x-ray were not helping him out..He kept pushing them out with his tongue and crying because he didn't want to do it anymore....after about 7 tries...The lady was kind of rude at this point because Adam would not keep the thing in is mouth...She even yelled at him...Well he told her that he was going to throw up and she said "No, Your not...this is not hard you just have to do what I say."

I told the lady that he really was going to throw up...He knows when he is...he understands his body...She just kept telling me and him that he was fine and HAD to do this X-Ray...I finally got very upset and said "Look he is going to throw up so you better move and let him up or you will have vomit on you and the chair."  She finally listened to me and moved...Adam went straight to the sink and threw up...The lady was like I guess you were right and We are not going to get these X-Rays...

Strike 3...

The dentist came back in and told me that he can not see Adam because he is uncooperative...
So he gave me the number to a pediatric Dentist here in town that takes my insurance...so Adam has an appointment there on the 17th...We will see how that one goes...

An uncooperative kid...well what the hell to that expect?  He is 4 and there was no entertainment and they are trying to shove things in his mouth that are uncomfortable...What ever...I am so glad that we have another option and can take him to a dentist that will be able to understand that he is a kid and new to dentists.


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  2. O no :o( horrible, insensitive people suck! My first most tragic moment I have as a child is of the dentist. I actually had a flashback while reading your post, poor BabyPimp.. I feel for him, poor lil guy. Thankfully he has a Mommy who understands him! Hopefully you can transform the dentist into a happy place for him tho, especially with 9 cavities. He might have to get used to being there.. :O( You are so Brave Lady, LOVE YOU! XOXO

  3. I just think that all detisits should be aware that children are more complicated than adults..and should have things to make them comfortable...The pediatric dentist actually will sedate the child to get the work done...so if that if what has to happen then I will be there for it...THen they can do all 9 fillings at the same time. Thanks for the comment...Love you! XOXOXO

  4. Sedation is scary tho... I understand it is the best option but those drugs are so iffy to me. Especially for a child.. but good luck, I'm sure everything will be fine..

  5. PLUS.. if he has really sensitive teeth, or porous or soft or whatever they call it, he is probably gonna Have to get used to going to the dentist and you can't just be knocking him out every time? Teeth play a very serious role in health so.. IDK, I think it just will take some creativity on how to spark an Interest in the Dentist as opposed to a Fear.. You can Do It, I KNow SO. He wouldn't be your child and he wouldn't have you as a mommy if u weren't supposed to help him find a way ya know? Love You XOXO P.S. May sound weird but maybe take him to park before appt, run the energy all out of him, get him good and tired that way he won't have energy to put up fight? Alot of my fear stemmed from seeing the dr's in masks and the tools and not being able to see what was happening. Maybe have a mirror so he can watch what they doing? You hold it and his hand and stand right there too... ? Get some Dr Masks at home too so he can get used to that ..? Just ideas.. I can relate so much to him and feel for him and I wanna help somehow so..

  6. sedation is scary...I am going to get the major work done and then cleanings every 6 months will be easy and creative..I will ask Candace if she has taken Ian to the dentist and see if Adam can go one time to see that it is ok...I have to take him to the eye doctor too..which scares me.

  7. Don't be scared about the eye dr just Be creative :O) You will get thru this, your a tuff Lady who is very smart.. XOXO

  8. Thanks...sometimes I think I am lazy and can't handle stuff...but things are going good...the eye doctor will be way better.