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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Project 365 Update

I added that last 7 days to my Photobucket page if anyone wants to check them out....you can comment on them here if you want to...I am so proud of myself for keeping up with this...I do need to find more things to take pictures of except my children...but I love taking pics of them..it documents their lives...and they will not have a hard time finding a childhoood picture in the future...

So here is the link...Hope you all enjoy it!



  1. Adam's sunburn is absolutely HORRIBLE!! OMG how did it get sO bad? ... poor guy :O(

  2. OMG! He was at Shannon's for the day while Jaymes and I were having an us day...They were playing in the pool and he got burnt...no big deal...they all had sunblock on and were keeping hydrated...then he got home and he was red...so we put aloevera on it and he went to bed. He drank tons of water too...then Monday evening I looked at him because he was complaining about it hurting...There were blisters..I put stuff on his back and sent him to bed on nice clean sheets and laying on his belly...Well on Tuesday the blisters popped...Its has just progressed now it is looks even worse...but on the mend..I will be posting a progression of it through pictures when it is all healed...Love you lady.

  3. No big deal? What? That doesn't look like he was wearing ANY sunblock. He Has to have oober sensitive skin seeing as Both of You are creamy milky white. Maybe he should wear a shirt when he swims, that looks just absolutely dreadful and painful, his poor baby skin. :O(

  4. Yea..We are guessing he either has very sensitive skin or he was just in the sun the most and the reflection from the water adds to the sun on him...He did have spf 45 on him...I am getting a higher spf and he will wear his shirt...I go sunburnt too and i had sunblock on...He is so much better now..was just a long week stuck at home.