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Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year! New Items to accomplish!

First off Happy New Year!  How quick the last year was amazes me.  There has been so much happening in our lives that it seems like each year goes by faster and faster!  Ok so now to what this post is actually about.  My items to accomplish in 2012.  Yes,  I said items to accomplish,  not resolutions or promises.  I do have resolutions but calling them resolutions has never worked for me.  So I am making a list of things to accomplish to hope it will keep the resolution fail tat has happend before out.  So here you go.

Alright.  FIRST...
     I have 3 wonderful children and 2 of them are still in diapers.  I want to potty train both of them by May.  That is a long time I know but I have a busy life and I am trying to realistic. 

   School!  I need to be organized and NOT procrastinate.  I am on a new adventure with school because I am entering the Elementary Education Program and that makes it only 4 semesters until I graduate with my Bachelor's Degree.  so just succeeding in organizing and keeping on schedule is an  item to be accomplished.

    Take my children to the park EVERY SINGLE WEEK.  That is right at LEAST once a week I will take my children to the park and I will participate in their fun while we are there. 

     This blog and my family blog.  I will keep these updated every week.  For family that lives so far away and just for a place to write my thoughts instead of just saying them to people and then it never being heard again. So keeping the BLOGS up in another.  I have said this before but I AM going to do it this year!  

   My HOUSE!   Ok this is a little harder.  I find that when I am in school I don't keep the house as clean as I do when I am not.  So I am going to change that.  I WILL do laundry EVERY Sunday and it will be put away by the end of the day.  also I will mop the floor at least 2 times a week and then house will get a scrub down at least once a week.  That way it will stay clean.  Well as clean as it can with 3 kids.

    Losing 30 pounds min. by the end of the year.  I know not a lot but, once again I am being resonable.  If I lose more than that then WONDERFUL!  I will use this blog to update about my weight loss and exercise plan.  it will be GREAT!   I will also keep to a exercise routine and it will keep my weight loss plan in action. 

   Keeping myself presentable.  That is right.  I need the motivation to do my hair everyday.  Makeup is not a must but I will make sure my hair is presentable.  and I will stay out of the lounge clothes as much as possible.

   my photos.  I want to get them organized and keep them organized.  I also want to keep up with taking and posting photos. 

So there you have it.  8 items that need to be accomplished this next year.  Until next time


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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Help a Momma Out Tuesday June 28th

Alright this is my first help a Momma out Tuesday btu I have a little bit of advice that I think will help ALL mom's.   I am the mother of 3.  2 boys and 1 little girl.  Things are crazy aroudn my house to say the least.  Some days my kids drive me nuts and I just need to take a break from it. 

It is not bad to take yourself out of the picture for a few minutes.  If you have a baby that is just crying and crying and you are at the breaking point Please Please take yourself fromt eh situation.  Just put the baby down on the floor, in a crib, walker, bouncy, or anywhere SAFE and go into another room or step outside for a few seconds.  Take a few deep breaths and then when you have calmed down you will be able to think of a way to help your child calm down.  Kids can tell when you are stressed and they become stressed too.  You have to keep your sanity.  Also ASK for HELP!  Don't ever turn down help.  You do need it even if you don't think so.   

I have a bunch more things I want to say bust I will save them for next week and other weeks to come.  Remember it is not bad to remove your self from a situation.  It is safer for you and your child.  It will not hurt the baby to cry.  Until you can calm down.
  I have a friend whose boyfriend could not handle their colicy baby and resorted to shaking him.  They almost lost him.  and now he is slower than most kids and will have a problem with seizures his whole life.  It is much better to have your child cry.  ALWAYS Take the time to calm down.  It will make you a better Momma and will help you think of ways to help your child calm down as well. 

Until next time.  Keep your head up and Keep smiling.  Live life ONE day at a time and the To Do List will ALWAYS be there TOMORROW!

Enjoy the little things. 

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Observation Day #1

On September 22, 2010  I observed in an Elementary school for my Intro to Education class, it was such a great day..

I had to leave my house by 6:30 am to get there by 8:30am Utah time.  As I entered the school I got super nervous, and writting Mrs. Dalton on my name tag was weird, because thinking about being called Mrs. Dalton was super crazy. 

The teacher was not there when I entered the room, but I noticed so much going on in her class room.  I observed in a 2nd grade class.  I counted the desks and there were 22 with names on them.  I was even more scared at this point because there were 22 little kids I was going to be watching all day.  And I would be incharge of them for at least a portion of the day.  AHHH

When class started I introduced myself to the class and then allowed 2 questions...There was one little girl that was so interested in me that she asked me questions all day long.  The class began, I got to walk around and see what they were working on and how they did their morning work...It was very fun to stop and help the ones that asked for it and just see how very smart 2nd graders are. 

The class was always moving, there was always something going on and the day had barely began.  Recess was at 10:30 and I was never so happy for a moment to myself.  I got to eat an apple during recess and then back inside for more centers, and reading groups.  Centers were hard because I had to focus on each group and also the class as a whole.  The teacher I was observing was doing reading groups while centers happened.  After centers it was time to get ready for lunch.  They all washed up and we left for lunch.  I stood in the line with them as the teacher went to the restroom...After they all went through the line I was able to leave the with the cafeteria monitor and go to the teacher's lounge for lunch...I had turkey and stuffing, it was a meal I got in the healthy choice aisle at the store...I also had a pepsi because I needed some cafenine because I was drained and I still had 2.5 hours left. 

After lunch was a movie to calm down and then math time.  The kids were learning how to measure in inches and feet.  It was very fun to help them jump on the rug and measure how far they jumped.  Then more individual work.  This day happened to be Library day for the class so I got to take ALL 22 children to the library by myself...2 lines, one boys one girls.  We walked to the library and the kids entered.  I stayed with them becasue I was not directed otherwise.  The kids got to hear a story from the librarian and then check out books.  After that it was supposed to be recess time at 2:15 but they were having a fire drill..  Man it was a crazy one.  The first of the year so all the kids ran to the fence and the gas was wet so they were slipping and not listening.  In the end it worked out and then the class had their recess. 
After recess it was time for more individual work and I got to help some students edit the journal entries they were working on.  that was very fun, because I got to see how they write and the mistakes that they make are so cute. 

Finally, at 3:10 it was time to get ready to go home.  They cleaned up the room and got stickers on their daily sheets for their behavior, depending on what color their picture was on, on the discipline chart.  It was fun.  Then at 3:30 the bell rang and each row of students were dismissed and It was over.  The teacher filled out my paper and I was on my way home.
Man it was a long and exhausting day but I had so much fun and it helped me realize that I am in the right major, I am so excited to get my degree and begin teaching.  That is my experience in a 2nd grade class...next time it will be in an intermediate school.  We will see how that one goes.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Cleaning Adventure.

So this last week I decided to have a great cleaning adventure...I planned to go through everyroom in my house and throw away, donate or just plan get rid of everything that was either broken, or not used anymore.

It began on Monday the 9th...with a trip to the store to buy some cleaning supplies and organization things...well I found no organization things that would help me that were at a price I would pay..so I just got cleaning supplies and came home to begin the cleaning.

So day 1 started out slow...A little bit of cleaning the toys and clothing of the kids.  also did the living room and the bathrooms. Not too much junk there because I don't much care for clutter.  and hate looking at all the stuff just sitting around.

Day 2.  Began the real work.  I went through all the toys and organized them in spots for all and moved all the boy's toys to thier shared room...to get the other room ready to Lydia.  I also went through all the clothes...if they didn't fit the kids or were holey or just plain I hated them they were put in their designated areas. 

Day 3 Lydia's room...I moved all the stuff around and made sure that everything in there was only for my little lady.  I know the room is still blue but not for too much longer...it is all organized for her and easily understood by all people that come in...Also going to be where my mom will be staying to glad I got it organized. Also the hall closet, just needed a little organization.

Day 4 was the laundry room...Now that was a feet.  I took everything out of the closet in there and also everything off the shelf above the wacher and dryer.  I really wish there were cupboards there instead of a darn shelf but oh well.  I threw away 3 bags worth of crap from that room alone...I am so glad everything sits in the cupboard or on the shelf instead of all over the place on the washer and dryer.  I am going to be buying some buckets to put on top of the washer and dryer for clothing...each on will be labeled with our names so that it makes things more organized...The closet looks so nice and I know where everything is. 

Day 5 was the Kitchen.  MAN oh MAN!  I had a ton of crap in there....my pantry is all organized and I can see what I have and what I need...the cupboards are all organized...Also the fridge was cleaned out and I found that we never eat leftovers here in our house...they just sit in the fridge until I throw them away...so we need to change that.  But anyway...The cupboards were messy and we had too many glasses for the space that we have.  I moved all the tuperware to a new cupboard and threw away 4 appliances that don't even work.  2 can openers a broken waffle iron and broken george forman grill thing...I also threw out old rust pans that I never use.  I will be buying new pans threwout the year...Maybe that will be on my Christmas list too...But I got the whole house clean and organized.  except my room...I feel like I did a great job on the rest of the house so my room can wait for a little while.  There is not too much stuff in there that will be thrown our ot donated.  Except clothes...and I am not quite ready to give up on fitting into some of them, just yet. 

So that is my cleaning adventure.  lots of cleaning and organizing.  6 bags of garbage, 2 bags to donate and a bunch of dirty cleaning rags from cleaning My house is very nice.

Then on Saturday night I had Jaymes's parents over for dinner and his Dad DJ said...did the cleaning fairy come?  because the hosue is very clean and smells great...I was like NO, I am the cleaning fairy...hehe.

Yay for cleaning and having a good time doing it.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Adventures at the Dentist #2

Well On Saturday the 17th I took Adam to a pediatric dentist so that we can do something about his 9 cavities....First off I feel like such a shitty mom for not getting them fixed sooner and for not preventing them better in the first place..

Ok so things started out good....Adam was super excited to go and everything was wonderful...

We got there to fill out paperwork and Adam played with the trian set they had and watched cartoon network and was more than happy to be there.

Then it was his turn to go back...that is where shit started..

He didn't want to give up playing with the trains...then he finally got back there and in the chair.  They put the bib thing on him and he was fine...Unfortuately the TV they had in the room was broken so he was dissappointed once again.  about not being able to watch a show...Then the Nurse said that she needed to try to get X-rays..I told her that is where shit hit the fan at the last place...She said we will try..
As soon as she brought out the damn shield thing Adam was done...He first off had a sunburn on his shoulders so the thing hurt and he remembered the things that she was trying to put in his mouth..She didn't even get them near his mouth..she showed him them and that was it...No more happy Adam...he instantly said I NEED THROW UP IN POTTY!
The Lady put everything away after that.
I took him to the bathroom and talked to him about being a big boy and he would get a new tooth brush and a prize..He was happy again...Well then back in the chair...The dentist was doing work on a girl next door and it was going to be 20 minutes before he was done...So they let Adam go back and play while we waited...BAD IDEA!

When it was his turn again He was soooo not in the mood for it...He screamed and yelled...and ran around...I was starting to have a break down...
The Dentist followed Adam and grabbed him...Picked him up and placed him in the chair...I held his feet so he didn't kick the dentist while he looked in Adam's mouth.  Adam was screaming the wholoe time so his mouth was open enough for the Dentist to get a quick look...

After he was done..the Dentist let Adam go back to the waiting room and play while he talked to me..

That is where I broke down...I just started crying and was sooo embarassed by Adam's behavior..I know it is just because of the other guy that made it this way BUT...I felt like I had failed as a parent...SO EMBARASSED.

The Dentist told me that He will have to put Adam to sleep to fix the problems that he has and that is fine..It needs to be done...We will haev to go to Vegas to a surgery center and they will put Adam under to get X-Rays and to crowns on the back teeth..and fillings on the front 2 since they will be ne of the first to fall out...The crowns are necessary because you lose the molars later in life than the front ones.

So I was told to call if I have not heard form them by Thursday to schedule a surgery day....It will be on a Wed...in Vegas at 7am.  Not sure when yet..Think I am going to ask to wait until beginning of September so my mom will be here and we can afford to just stay Tuesday Night in Vegas...
So this is me frustrated and embarassed

What a day...and it was only a little over an hour of my day...AHHHHH!

I will be so glad when this whole experience is over and we can keep Adam's teeth extra clean and teach him that the dentist is not bad if you take care of your teeth..

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Project 365 Update

I added that last 7 days to my Photobucket page if anyone wants to check them out....you can comment on them here if you want to...I am so proud of myself for keeping up with this...I do need to find more things to take pictures of except my children...but I love taking pics of them..it documents their lives...and they will not have a hard time finding a childhoood picture in the future...

So here is the link...Hope you all enjoy it!