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Monday, August 16, 2010

Cleaning Adventure.

So this last week I decided to have a great cleaning adventure...I planned to go through everyroom in my house and throw away, donate or just plan get rid of everything that was either broken, or not used anymore.

It began on Monday the 9th...with a trip to the store to buy some cleaning supplies and organization things...well I found no organization things that would help me that were at a price I would pay..so I just got cleaning supplies and came home to begin the cleaning.

So day 1 started out slow...A little bit of cleaning the toys and clothing of the kids.  also did the living room and the bathrooms. Not too much junk there because I don't much care for clutter.  and hate looking at all the stuff just sitting around.

Day 2.  Began the real work.  I went through all the toys and organized them in spots for all and moved all the boy's toys to thier shared room...to get the other room ready to Lydia.  I also went through all the clothes...if they didn't fit the kids or were holey or just plain I hated them they were put in their designated areas. 

Day 3 Lydia's room...I moved all the stuff around and made sure that everything in there was only for my little lady.  I know the room is still blue but not for too much longer...it is all organized for her and easily understood by all people that come in...Also going to be where my mom will be staying to glad I got it organized. Also the hall closet, just needed a little organization.

Day 4 was the laundry room...Now that was a feet.  I took everything out of the closet in there and also everything off the shelf above the wacher and dryer.  I really wish there were cupboards there instead of a darn shelf but oh well.  I threw away 3 bags worth of crap from that room alone...I am so glad everything sits in the cupboard or on the shelf instead of all over the place on the washer and dryer.  I am going to be buying some buckets to put on top of the washer and dryer for clothing...each on will be labeled with our names so that it makes things more organized...The closet looks so nice and I know where everything is. 

Day 5 was the Kitchen.  MAN oh MAN!  I had a ton of crap in there....my pantry is all organized and I can see what I have and what I need...the cupboards are all organized...Also the fridge was cleaned out and I found that we never eat leftovers here in our house...they just sit in the fridge until I throw them away...so we need to change that.  But anyway...The cupboards were messy and we had too many glasses for the space that we have.  I moved all the tuperware to a new cupboard and threw away 4 appliances that don't even work.  2 can openers a broken waffle iron and broken george forman grill thing...I also threw out old rust pans that I never use.  I will be buying new pans threwout the year...Maybe that will be on my Christmas list too...But I got the whole house clean and organized.  except my room...I feel like I did a great job on the rest of the house so my room can wait for a little while.  There is not too much stuff in there that will be thrown our ot donated.  Except clothes...and I am not quite ready to give up on fitting into some of them, just yet. 

So that is my cleaning adventure.  lots of cleaning and organizing.  6 bags of garbage, 2 bags to donate and a bunch of dirty cleaning rags from cleaning My house is very nice.

Then on Saturday night I had Jaymes's parents over for dinner and his Dad DJ said...did the cleaning fairy come?  because the hosue is very clean and smells great...I was like NO, I am the cleaning fairy...hehe.

Yay for cleaning and having a good time doing it.

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