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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Help a Momma Out Tuesday June 28th

Alright this is my first help a Momma out Tuesday btu I have a little bit of advice that I think will help ALL mom's.   I am the mother of 3.  2 boys and 1 little girl.  Things are crazy aroudn my house to say the least.  Some days my kids drive me nuts and I just need to take a break from it. 

It is not bad to take yourself out of the picture for a few minutes.  If you have a baby that is just crying and crying and you are at the breaking point Please Please take yourself fromt eh situation.  Just put the baby down on the floor, in a crib, walker, bouncy, or anywhere SAFE and go into another room or step outside for a few seconds.  Take a few deep breaths and then when you have calmed down you will be able to think of a way to help your child calm down.  Kids can tell when you are stressed and they become stressed too.  You have to keep your sanity.  Also ASK for HELP!  Don't ever turn down help.  You do need it even if you don't think so.   

I have a bunch more things I want to say bust I will save them for next week and other weeks to come.  Remember it is not bad to remove your self from a situation.  It is safer for you and your child.  It will not hurt the baby to cry.  Until you can calm down.
  I have a friend whose boyfriend could not handle their colicy baby and resorted to shaking him.  They almost lost him.  and now he is slower than most kids and will have a problem with seizures his whole life.  It is much better to have your child cry.  ALWAYS Take the time to calm down.  It will make you a better Momma and will help you think of ways to help your child calm down as well. 

Until next time.  Keep your head up and Keep smiling.  Live life ONE day at a time and the To Do List will ALWAYS be there TOMORROW!

Enjoy the little things.