I love everything about my life...the good and bad times...this page is for me to express myself through my emotions and thoughts...Also to show things that I like and am interested in...I am a mother or 2 wonderful boys and 1 Fantastic Girl...Married life is hard but it is worth all the troubles to be with the one you love...Enjoy my posts as I will be expressing myself on these pages.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 2010

Well June is almost over...Tomorrow is the last day of June and we have had a great month...We have had our wonderful little girl home all month and the boys absolutely love her...Tonight I am going to see Twilight: Eclipse...I am so excited...I have been waiting so long for this movie...Well that is about all.  I will post some pics sometime this week.  The Fourth of July is going to be great..the In-laws just got a new pool for their backyard...I am excited to be able to swim in it..  Pics later on.

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