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Friday, June 18, 2010

Men know they are in trouble

So I was very upset with my hubby yesterday...he slept from 430 to 11 pm and then got up and watched some shows on the internet and went back to bed around 1am...just so he could get up at 5 to go to work...well I was mad because we have 3 children...and I take care of them ALL day and would love a little break or some help when he gets home from work....but I got over it and we talked about his sleeping habits...long story short...Today when he got home from work he brought me 2 Twilight posters...He said that he thought I deserved them...It made me very happy...I love it when he thinks of me when he is out and about....
I totally think that Men know that they were in a bunch of trouble the day before and bring gift home to make up for that thing...It is ok but I didn't even tell him I was mad in the first place...I lvoe that guy so darn much...even if he gets on my nerves from time to time...

XOXO  Love you Honey!

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