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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Moon Run Time

Alright...they have released the New Moon run time...it will be 2:02.  I feel they could have made it 2:30 at least...I am sure no one would mind...and of course people are all pissy cuz they feel there will only be 45min of Rob.  but that is fine with me cuz he will be there in dream sequences and hallucinations.  He might be in it more than we all think...besides Taylor needs some screen time, he has worked really hard to keep the part.

Some of the cast will be at the Spike TV Scream Awards, which is taping on the 17th and airing on the 27th.  There will be new New Moon footage so that is super exciting and Twilight is up for awards as is Taylor, Robert, and Kristen.  Also Cam is up for best villian.  make sure you vote @ spiketv.com

 Alright only 3 more weeks of filming Eclipse.  I am so excited to see promo pics for it!  Have a nice evening everyone.

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