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Friday, October 2, 2009

Peter Facinelli is such a dedicated family man!

Alright, today has been a busy day for me..I have not had a lot of time check out Twilight news...I did see that Rob does not do his own stunts because him and stunts don't mix.  I would prefer it this way...I love Rob in one piece...How about all of you? 

    Peter Facinelli went down to LA today to visit his family for a few hours.  What a great dad and husband. He tweeted about it...I am not going to copy it here. you can check it out for yourself.
 I did see some great pictures of Alex on eclipsemovie.org.  I will post them tomorrow, along with my quote of the day...I will get as much stuff as I can put on tomorrow...to hold you until then here is a great pic of Carlisle from the New Moon Promo Posters...

Yummy right?  Well good night people!

PS I will be making a wallpaper for each main cast member(at least the Cullen's and Bella) Next one will be Rob.  I will post it as soon as it is finished.  Now TTFN...Great Twilight Dreams!

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