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Friday, April 2, 2010


OK...yesterday my hubby had a job interview...they said tehy would either call him for the background check and drug test or send him a letter stating that he did not get the job...Well I am freaking out...they did not call today...maybe they will on Monday they did say within the next couple of days....but I am stressed about money...we only have a limited about in our bank account and bills are going to be due soon!  SHIT!!! there is also our son's birthday, gas in the cars, diapers, and otehr non food items that we will need...I am just freaking out..I know I should wait until Monday but shit we are in trouble...I can't get a job and all we can do is wait to see if he got this one...from the sounds of what the people said and how the interview went he should get the job...but then there is that chance that he will not...and I don't know what we will do if that happens...
The new baby is coming soon and I am afraid that we will be broke completely when she gets here...that is not good...I will be able to get a job 6 weeks after she is born and that will will but if my hubby doesn't have one before then I don't knwo what will happen...We will be screwed...
I have been feeling this a lot lately but I have been holding it in..now the money supply is very low and will not get us through the month...what the hell are we going to do?

I can't do anything about it...since no one will hire a girl that is 30 weeks pregnant...I should have gotten a job awhile ago but I thought that Jaymes would be able to get one a lot sooner than now...AHHHHHHHHHH

I guess I feel a little better but I am still freaking out...We NEED an income coming in..I hope Jaymes gets tha job he had the interview for yesterday..if not I think I might pop from stress...I need to relax but it is very hard to do..

once again...

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