I love everything about my life...the good and bad times...this page is for me to express myself through my emotions and thoughts...Also to show things that I like and am interested in...I am a mother or 2 wonderful boys and 1 Fantastic Girl...Married life is hard but it is worth all the troubles to be with the one you love...Enjoy my posts as I will be expressing myself on these pages.

Monday, March 29, 2010


for the past few days I have felt like crap...my head feels like it is in a vice grip and everytime I move it just gets worse..I know it is a sinius infection because it is very normal for me to get during pregnancy...on top of feeling yucky because I am stuffy and everything I am very stressed and overwhelmed.  There are so many thing that I want to do and other people want me to do that I just can't do them all.
I want to make cookies of Easter to give to everyone because I love baking and decorating cookies.  I also want to get my scrapbooking up to date...I am very behind...I try to have a page for every holiday each year and each fun event that happens but I am behind and have not even done Christmas 2009 yet. 
Schoolwork has my life...between my 10 assignments due each week I have to read a chapter for each class everyweek and sometimes two chapters for a class in one week...I also want to spend time with the family and get help my husband get a job.  There are just so many hours in the day.  I am 29 weeks pregnant and feeling the stress of the pregnancy...I sometimes wish it was over and baby Lydia was here...but then I think that I will be just as stressed and overwhelmed then as I am now.  School will be over before she gets here which will help out alot.  then I can maybe get others things done...A lot of scrapbooking will happen after school is done...

I guess I have just been feeling useless around here...I know I do the house work and keep the kids and everything happy and also keep everything running smoothly even though money is tight..I just feel like I amnot helping because I am bringing in no money...I hate it...and there are jobs that I can do but no one will hire me because I will jsut be gone in a few weeks anyway...I guess I just need to think positively but it is hard to do when everything is coming up and the money suply is short. 
We will need to pay the bills the next few month and also then baby is coming in June and we will have to buy diapers for her...Hopefully I get enought diapers at my baby showers to keep us a float until other things come along...

Now that my feelings are out and not bottled up inside I can get to work on some of this darn school work...I will be very happy when this semester is over and I can move to bigger and better things...

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