I love everything about my life...the good and bad times...this page is for me to express myself through my emotions and thoughts...Also to show things that I like and am interested in...I am a mother or 2 wonderful boys and 1 Fantastic Girl...Married life is hard but it is worth all the troubles to be with the one you love...Enjoy my posts as I will be expressing myself on these pages.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Another Day

Well it is Monday...the beginning of April and there is a lot going on...Jaymes did not get the job he had an interview for so he is in St. George looking once again...He is even talking to a recruiter, that means there is not a lot of options around here.  So I am a little stressed about money, but I am trying to stay positive and hope that people will help us out when and if they can.  after the baby is born and I am cleared to work I think I will begin looking for a job...Hopefully I can find on that will work for my needs and schedule.

The next month and a half are crazy busy.  This week we just had Easter, On Wedneday we will be getting pictures done for Glady and then a bit of relaxing then Long Beach for Jaymes and his Dad.  On the 24th Glady is having a Lia Sophia party at my house and then the following week a baby shower for me and Evelyn.  May 7th is Jaymes birthday and then the following week is a baby shower at my house for my friends here in town that can not make it to Vegas.   Then finally a break...until baby comes...School is almost over for the semester and that means I need to get thigns in order for next year.  I need to register, apply for loans and turn in all the things that my new school needs. 

I feel like I never have time for me...but I will find time somewhere.  I will be losing weight after baby too...it will be fun and nice to finally get this weight off. 

I am still feeling stressed but things will get better...At least that is what I keep telling myself...Stay Positive!

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