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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cranky Pregnant Girl!

OK so today I went to Wal Mart.  We needed things to make for dinner and then the basics...Milk, eggs, juice.  So I got there and had everything in my cart.  I had it all seperated between WIC items and regular items.  (Yes, we have WIC and I am not afraid to say it because I think that white Americans need to get stuff they need just as much as mexicans)....Ok so I go to lane 5 which is a lane that you can do Wic on...I load all my stuff on the belt and tell them that the front part is WIC...Then she tries to run my card and the machine is not working...so she tells me that I am going to have to load ALL my stuff back into my cart and go tot lane 13...I am like Hell NO...But she helped me and I moved to stand in line 13....I was in lane 5 for 25 minutes...it sucked!   OK so off to lane 13 and they run my card and tell me that the entire WIC system is down!  What the HELL!!  I just loaded all my stuff back into my cart and now I don't get it?  This is stuff I need...Milk, Juice, Eggs, apples, and cheese...along with other stuff...I am pissed now...I ask them if the debit card stuff is working just so I know...they are like Oh Yes, Mame...Ok so we start scanning my stuff that is not WIC...Everything WIC had to be put back...I haev been in this like for like 15 minutes and this guy is sooooo slow at checking...There are two teens behind me with ONE item!  ONE!  I am cranky already...31 weeks pregnant and I had to load all my stuff back into the cart and back onto the belt...
So this little TWIT! says  "MAN, this it taking so freaking long!" he is standing right next to me at the little place where you swipe your card....I turn arond and tell him.  "EXCUSE ME!"  I am the one paying for stuff right now. You need to back off.  There is no need for you to be standing this close to me." 
He says, "Well I only have one item and I am in a hurry and this is taking FOREVER!"
Very frustrated now...I turn around and look at the other lanes that are open and up at Customer Service that has no one in line. and I said.  "WELL, if you have a problem with how long this is taking why the hell don't you go to one of the other lanes that are open, or the 10 items or less lane...You could also take it to Customer Service and they will be glad to help you."
He continues standing there and the girl with him says, "Well if she wasn't so fat she would have more space with you standing there."  She thinks I didn't hear her.  OH MAN I DID!!!
"EXCUSE ME!"  I said even more pissed off now.  "I am pregnant, and at least I am not buying a stupid movie that I am standing in line for 20 minutes for when there are other lanes open.  I know you are not in this line to buy cigarettes, because you are not old enough."  I turned around told the cashier guy that my order was on Debit and he smiled at me.  Then when I was all done and ready to go the cashier tells me that he is sorry for the long wait and the inconvience.  I say.  "The only inconvience is that people don't have patients and manners."   Then I walked out of the store...

MAN I WAS PISSED!!!   I hate when idiots are in line behind you...I was in line a total of 45 minutes, and loaded the stuff into my cart and onto the belt thing twice...So I was at a limit on patients...This this dumb teenager...  I am so glad I got to be the cranky pregnant girl today...It kind of made my day...Hope my blood pressure isn't too effected by this innocident.

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  1. Good For You! I hate people that are so stupid... Oh and teens, I can't believe how they have no class. parents seem to be allowing movies and games bring up their children.
    Nice write, fun to read.