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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


So there has not been a lot as for Twilight today...Billy Burke is heading to Vancouver tomorrow to film his last day of shooting for Eclipse...So exciting...So filming continues on...I am excited to see the trailer's and set pics for Eclipse because it is my favorite movie...But New Moon is going to be AwEsOmE!  Then Breaking Dawn, will be around the bend...my guess for Breaking Dawn release would be for November 2011.  It will be awesome...that is my guess btw.  I fell that because of he up coming Harry Potter coming out in Nov. 2010 and then again in May or June 2011.  So that is a logical time for it...or even a mid summer movie..Anyway.

there is not much else to say so I will leave you with a few pis of Robert Pattinson.

Well I am off to bed...Great Twilight dreams for everyone...Good Night!

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